50 Mission Crush

RPG 1984 Dos SSI Top down

B-17 Flying Fortress bomber simulation

In the second world war, the B17 bomber missions were some of the most arduous ones to pilot. The game here wants you to survive 50 such missions; however, the median survival rate for these pilots was for no more than 18 missions! So, as you can see, you have your stakes cut for you! Now, in terms of gameplay, this is not a flight game, but a list and math, plus decision making based game. You have to choose at times what action to take. Note that all of them presuppose some risk, and also, the lesser risk missions are more likely to result in not completing your mission. So, with that in mind, you will face some hard decision making. Plus, each mission is quite lengthy, keeping you playing for about 10 in game minutes. That means that to complete your 50 missions goal you really have to play the game as smart as possible. Also, the more missions you survive the higher rank you'll receive, so that too is an incentive. Else, for a WWII flight game, download Jane's Combat Simulations: WWII Fighters, a proper WWII flight game.

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