Caverns of Zoarre

RPG 1984 Dos Thomas Hanlin III Top down Dungeons and Dragons

A Roguelike so classical and yet still playable

If you ask anyone what the staples of a Roguelikes are, they'll probably tell you that is the randomly generated game worlds, and that feeling of not knowing what to expect from play through to play through. But, if you move closer to the games released in 84, the definition becomes even more precise: mostly black backgrounds ASCII graphics and an RPG that could be brutal, but if you managed to spawn a nice game instance you'd be hooked for hours! And, this game here fits that description very well. Graphically it looks a little more than your average black DOS prompt screen, but the build of the RPG itself is a very good one. Sure, like I said, you depend a lot on your luck, but say, you manage to have a game where the beginning is relatively simple and not that full of over the top baddies, then you'll gain some traction and be able to get to where you want to. And, naturally, Caverns of Zoarre, is every bit as atmospheric as another classic of the period, also known for advanced randomness, AvBas, but I think that both these games deserve a honorable mention. So give them a try.

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