Stargate Adventure

Adventure 2005 Windows Sektor 13 Science Fiction Third Person

SG-1 unofficial adventure game tie in

The TV series Stargate was not as awe inspiring and as worthy of geeking over as was Star Trek, The Next Generation for me, at least, though it had its solid following nevertheless. But nevertheless, it had at least one dedicated fan that was also a game designer, and who thought it to be a good idea to go about and produce and adventure game bound to that particular universe. And so was Stargate Adventure born, out of a love for adventure gaming and Star Gate, the TV series. So, is this fan effort worth considering? Well, I was impressed, I will give you that. I guess the story will make more sense to avid fans of the series, since for me it managed to do little, given my lack of familiarity with the main characters. But the puzzles seem to be at least correctly implemented and coded, and do make sense most of the time. Granted, they're not original, but I'm pretty sure that asking for original concepts would have been a little too much to ask from a one man team. But, I am sure that fans of the series will appreciate the effort and might even fall for the story. And for the rest of us, it might just put us in the mood for some other space inspired adventures, 2 of which jump to mind, Neuromancer, an oldie exploring the novel of the same name and Bureau 13, another labor of love based on a novel.

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