Actua Soccer Club edition

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Premiership Club action soccer; very well done

Actua Soccer Club edition is all about the 1996 state of the premier league, packing about 20 teams of that season. It's a well polished game, an example or relatively young 3D games focused on soccer action gaming, but nonetheless, well done, considering the limitations. Compared to, say, a more recent FIFA game, Actua Soccer Club edition does manage to stand its ground, if not on the graphical level, definitely at the playability level and at the level of the AI. That's because the game's artificial intelligence seems to be very aware of higher level tactics, making all that it can to actually produce a game that makes sense, that is really well produced and that really takes it up a notch. Therefore, you will really feel the pressure, especially if you play the higher difficulty option, where you really have to be a good, fast player, as well as a thoughtful gamer, in regards to your higher level tactics. So, while less known overall than some other titles, Actua Soccer Club edition doesn't, by no means, walk the less notorious path because it doesn't deserve recognition, nope, it was more a question of the lesser investment in marketing that put it out of the limelight, unfortunately.

Now play with English soccer teams

Actua Soccer Club Edition is a follow version of Actua Soccer released in 1995 by Gremlin Interactive. While the fist game featured only national team, the follow up version featured English Premier League teams, like Newcastle and Manchester United. Everything else have remained the same... There are 2 game modes: "friendly" and "arcade". You can change settings on how the game can be played, change some weather options, team colors, ... . The controls are simple, however sometimes they feel clunky.

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