Tank Attack

Strategy 1988 Dos Dosbox CDS Board games Turn based

Poor turn-based military action

The feature which makes Tank Attack vaguely interesting, and which helped it stand out at the time of its release, is unfortunately not enough to save it from being a relic of the past which deserves to stay there. It is a sort of hybrid board/video game, a genre that was popular in the early days of computing as technology was unable to handle the requirements for map screens and the like. The basic premise of the game is simple enough and charges players with destroying the bases of the other players by using your armies, which made up of tanks and armoured cars. Your opponents are of course trying to do the same thing in return. The game originally shipped with a fold-out hex-based map which displayed the terrain and which allowed for the following of the action but this might be tricky to come by today. The computer moderates most actions in the game, for example rolling a dice for each player to determine how far they can move, as well as calculating the outcomes of any battles and determining the status of the various units. The winner of the game is simply the one with his bases intact. Tank Attack is undeniably simple but unless you really don't expect much from your games, it will soon wear out its welcome. There is little in the way of tactical depth or strategy to the game and which quickly becomes apparent, with boredom setting in not long after. After you've played one game, you'll discover how shallow it is and are unlikely to return to it any time soon. If you want a board game-style strategy experience, you're better off with Risk, but to be honest, even Monopoly is more entertaining.

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