Action 1992 Dos Softstar Entertainment Cartoon

Taken from a mainframe text game to DOS

If you really want to have a go at the type of combat simulations our forefathers were playing, then with Air you get one of the earliest types of aerial combat games. Initially designed for the mainframe computers, it would either be played via printing the results from the computer, or, with graphics, on a terminal. The DOS version, of course, took this 1977 prodigy and made it run under DOS, and changed it all up, just a little bit, so it can be played on an IBM compatible, or an emulator, but the basic concept and production is the same; you control your fleet via text inputs. The cool thing is that even as old as it was, it still had a 3D build for the world, ultra simplistic as you'll find out, which in the DOS version is ASCII based, with an extended set of characters, while the original was a lot less sprawling. More than ever, though, it's a look back in the past, and so, not by any means a game that will immediately capture you. But if you like primitive, historically important games, this one has all of those things etched on it. Else, download Air Offensive for instance, for a modern game of aerial combat.

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