Jonny Quest

Action 1993 Dos MicroIllusions Cartoon

Sci Fi adventure and fighter game

This is quite a strange combination of genres, there's your typical dialogue heavy, Mayan conspiracy (Why do the Mayans always have to be responsible for so many conspiracy theories?! Hehe!) themed shenanigans, and more or less nonsensically attached to it, there's a hefty bit of a fighter game, arcade style. You'll also need to get used to, what I would call, a nasty and not too well thought out control scheme, for these combat bits. The combos are quite hard to execute, but then again, you'll play as this one only character, so if the premise (and the cartoonish style) will draw you win, I guess you'll get used to it. Frankly I didn't get caught in this game's story, nor was I too happy with the combat control bits, but then again, I can't hold these bits against the developers either, it's a mash up of two styles which shouldn't go together but MicroIllusions were adventurous enough to do it. So, all things considered, you might give it a try, but don't expect to fall in love with it. The alternative? Well, either a classic fighter game or another conspiracy themed adventure game, Indigo Prophecy, which couldn't resist bringing the Mayans in the picture (towards the end) either.

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