Guldkorn Expressen

Action 1991 Dos OTA A/S Cartoon

A pleasant and surprising game

It is one of those games which simple yet tricky and are very adorable in terms of graphics and can surprise you pleasantly because it is so addictive. It is among those very first promotional games from Denmark which have been actually liked by fun game lovers. The game is about a cute carton bear whose job is to get the popcorn bags using the cargo train. The bags have been dispersed off the railroad tracks and that's what the missions are all about. You have to flip the routes in order to catch on these bags. At first I thought it's a simple playgroup boy game, but it gets tougher as the level progresses. The graphics are eye catching because of the combinations of colors and the game controls are very easy. You have switches along the route which you have to use to change the track for catching the popcorn bags. As you advance on in levels, the routes become complex with more bags and less time to collect them. It's the Bee in the game that will flip the switches for allowing you to collect the bags. So it's an overall addictive game which can really surprise you.

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