Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Prestige Softwareentwicklung Cartoon Platformer

Passable platformer but no classic

A colourful adventure featuring vibrant graphics and starring a young simpleton and his dog, Doofus makes for a solid platforming experience that is particularly suited to younger gamers. In standard fashion, players are required to jump, float or shoot their way through a number of well realised environments and which often offer multiple routes to increase longevity. Several weapons and upgrades are also available but the most significant difference between Doofus and platformers like Zool is that you must also watch out for your dog who accompanies you. Not overly blessed with intelligence as he is, it makes for an interesting challenge keeping track of him and without this element, Doofus would have little to make it stand out from the crowd. Even as it stands however, there is not much here to recommend the game for more than a cursory look. The graphics and levels are well designed, with detailed sprites and bright visuals, but the animation is limited and the two main characters are rather lacking in charm. The music is also pretty catchy. Unfortunately though, it won't take most people long to complete the game, lacking in challenge as it is. However, for younger gamers or those just seeking a fun way to kill some time, this is a passable little platformer but certainly not a classic.

A story of a boy and his dog

Doofus is a fun looking 1993 platform game released by Prestige Softwareentwicklung for DOS and Windows and is a typical run 'n jump game, very similar to Jazz Jackrabbit by it's look and gameplay . The game follows a simple boy Doofus and his dog through numerous levels and the boy has tu ensure that the both of him and the dog get out without getting hurt. You can either shoot your enemies or just jump over them, all the while collecting little fruits and stars and getting points for every item picked up or enemy destroyed. There are a lot of bonuses of weapons upgrades offered throughout the game. Doofus has great interior design, since there are multiple paths to the end of the level. The graphics are really good, clear and detailed with beautiful colors and texture. The sound is also okay, with a fast paced midi song playing in the background. Doofus is a decent small plaftorm game that will keep you going for a few hours, but not much longer than that.

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