Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox The Right Brothers Challenges Action based

Sci Fi beat shoot em' up; pretty well executed

Batalia is a cool, simple, straightforward shooter game in space, well executed, which adds mazes to the main free space game, to make it a little bit more exciting. You control a ship that keeps on shooting, and each time you find your target you can be sure that it will give you a point. Thus, the main reason to keep playing, is to amass more points; then, of course, Batalia is all about finding your way to the next level, which takes some time as well, since each level has quite a few enemies in there. Graphically Batalia is nothing too extraordinary; the EGA graphical onset is pretty much the same, and so, you will find the game pretty well produced. Other than that, well, it's just shooting and trying to keep your ship away from any danger. So, overall, Batalia does a great job of it all. If you like arcade shooters, and the Sci Fi trappings of the mid 80s are interesting to you, Batalia will deliver a good experience. A good alternative though can also be Moon Bug, which kind of remixes the ideas of Moon Patrol and is also shooting oriented, while having some driving and hopping in there, for good measure, too!

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