Aleshar - World of Ice

RPG 1997 Dos Dosbox Hypothermia Top down Fantasy

A cold world but a cool yet relatively simple RPG

In Aleshar it's always winter and cold and you get to experience it from a top down perspective, similar to games in the Ultima franchise. The game looks great though, with crisp tilesets used smartly, great party based mechanics and a story that well, let's just put it this way: it doesn't get in the way of you having fun with the game! Thus, Aleshar is a great game when you feel like oldschool RPG with an action core, but don't really crave the same kind of intricacies of plot and the immense world of a game such as Baldur's Gate. Thus, while still large enough and diverse, Aleshar is also quite compact in the way you traverse, it, without a plethora of intertwined options of advancement and without a whole lot of other options that just manage to get in the way. Yep, it's a great, half mindless top down exploration and action RPG, quite well done, but never too serious or too self involved. Surely worth a go, without question, for top down 2d RPG fans that want a relatively simple game.

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