Tomb of the TaskMaker

RPG 1997 Windows Storm Impact Top down Fantasy

Classic and engaging RPG

It is an RPG top down fantasy game which involves a lot of adventure coupled with management and role playing elements. The plot in the game is that the character that you have wants to prove his worth to become the ruler of a land where there are many evil creatures and enemies. This will require you to do a variety of different tasks that have been set for you by the taskmaster. In the next episode when you have become the ruler of the domain after the death of the taskmaster, you are facing a lot of threats in terms of the evil that is lurking upon your people. So you will have to fight the evil and have to destroy the mastermind behind all their activities. The gameplay involves sailing ships, fighting monsters, exploring dungeons and solving a good variety of puzzles. The graphics in the game are very good and all the action is in real time. The game has a tutorial which allows you to understand all the dynamics of the gameplay. It has a very good user interface and also has some brilliant controls which are synced well with the action. Its prequel TaskMaker has the same variety of fun in it.

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