Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final Cut

Adventure 2001 Windows 1C Company Third Person Mystery

Not quite the master of suspense

This is a somewhat bizarre adventure that is reminiscent of point-and-click adventures like Myst and Amerzone and although it's far from perfect, it's a lot better than another game based on the work of the cinematic master, the dire Psycho. There's little in the way of suspense or chills as you might expect from such a licensed game but it remains a solid, if unspectacular, little romp. You take on the role of a psychic investigator who is called in to check out a creepy old mansion belonging to a mysterious rich director. While in the process of shooting a film, the director and his entire crew have disappeared so it falls to you to figure out what's going on. What follows is a typical puzzle-based adventure, where you explore the various parts of the mansion, unlocking doors and piecing together the various parts of the puzzle. There are a few light platforming sections and a couple of conversations, but this is mostly a slow paced, solitary experience which requires good observation skills and some patience. This is certainly not a game for action fans, but if you enjoy slow burning, meditative games, then this might be more your cup of tea. The story is reasonably compelling, despite the lack of suspense, and should keep you going to the end. The puzzles are interesting if not overly original, while they're also not that difficult either, meaning this might not be for veteran adventurers. The visuals are pretty decent, with some nicely atmospheric environments, but there are awkward moments with the interface. Overall, you won't be missing much if you skip this but if you do play it, you're in for an average time.

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