Alien Breed: Obliteration

Action 2005 Windows Aliens invasion Top down

Enjoyable Gauntlet-style shooter

The original Alien Breed is an acknowledged classic, a sort of sci-fi version of Gauntlet which combined tense and exciting blasting action with the option to purchase weapons and ammo to create an enjoyable arcade-style game. This continuation of the popular series offers more of the same, and is comparable to another classic, Sega's Alien Syndrome, but introduces some neat new twists and features to maintain the appeal. Like the original, this is heavily inspired by the Alien movies, both in terms of plot and feel. Here, players take control of a heavily armed Marine sent to investigate a deep space outpost, which is viewed from an overhead perspective and which consists of various similar-looking corridors to be explored. Of course, it doesn't take long before you discover that the base has been overrun by aliens so naturally your response is to blow them all to hell. Adding to the interest is the fact that each level features specific objectives to be completed before you can progress, but this doesn't really get in the way of what the game is all about: shooting stuff. The range of weapons on display here is impressive, with grenades, flamethrowers and triple lazers all adding to the fun, and you will certainly need them as this is a pretty tough game. Despite this, Obliteration is certainly enjoyable, with its atmospheric and moody levels, intense and involving combat and slick controls. The graphics have that nice old-school, sci-fi sheen to them, with detailed, chunky sprites that move around at a fair old pace. For fast and furious shooting thrills, this is a solid and fun experience.

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