Alien Earth

Action 1998 Windows Funsoft Aliens invasion

Shooting heavy isometric action adventure

Alien Earth is a shooter game, at its core, however it also has a few other ideas that it manages to get across. For such a game, it has also a compelling story. The future has not been kind on humanity. Thus, a massive conflict in which the humans are the underdogs has ensued. Thus, humanity's last survivors must gather their strength and try to survive. And that is quite hard; they are hunted. But you are not one to give up! You have lots of weapons, you can wield axes as well as fire weapons. Thus, you are never left without defense. The graphics are very well produced. The style is a rather darkly one, but it fits the atmosphere rather great, and it manages to create a uniquely interesting perspective. Compared to Alien Shooter, it's also a smarter game, one that has a lot more aces up its sleeve. From time to time some of the conversations that you get involved with are so well realized that you'll think this to be a true mini RPG. Yet, it stays an action infused top down game, as it should, and it does a great job of that. So have it in your collection.

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