Alien Phobia

Action 1997 Windows Aliens invasion

Top down shooter, simple but fun

Not much needs be said about this top down shooter. It's a dumb little game, unoriginal, unpolished and generally as complacent at just offering you the minimum you need to feel entertained, that, it just begs to be played thinking that maybe, just maybe, you're going to get something a bit more enticing out of it as you keep going. Don't know if it suddenly turns into this jewel of a game, original and pervasive, but for my time spent with it I was so completely underwhelmed that Alien Breed suddenly began to look like an out of this world original! So, here's the deal, the top down environments are as lacking in features as you'd expect, mainly consisting of a perfectly plain land strip on top of which you will try to shoot and evade the aliens. Or, if I may, the alien, because you rarely get to see 2 aliens that look just a little different, the masses of enemies being so alike between each other that you'll just simply think you've landed in the world of mono alien land, or something. But you know what? After you settle in a grove, it just doesn't matter, because as simple as it is, it is just enticing; you can't stop playing! It works, and is honest, it is not a gimmicky game, it wears it heart on its sleeve and doesn't seem to mind it. Play it, and see Alien Shooter as well, where the levels are no longer as plain as in this one, but the action is still simple and engaging.

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