Football Glory

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Going for gold!

Although Football Glory bears an uncanny resemblance to the mighty Sensible Soccer, it's all apparently a coincidence, as the Croatian makers of this game had never actually played the other title when this was developed. The similarities are quite startling though, with the visuals having that distinct Sensible look (although perhaps not quite as charming), while the gameplay is also pretty familiar. This one isn't quite so good as the aforementioned classic, but if you've worn that out and are looking for more of the same, then this makes for a good bet. Football Glory offers most of the usual features of such games, including a variety of competitions to choose from, including club and national teams. The focus remains on a fast paced and fun recreation of soccer, and this is helped here by the inclusion of more moves over its rival, with many types of kicks and tackles on offer, while the tackling system also requires a touch more finesse, but which is deeper in concept. As far as arcade soccer games go, this is actually one of the better ones on the market and if you have any interest in such things, it should be in your collection. It's a very easy game to pick up, thanks to the slick controls, but which offers plenty of depth thanks to the sheer range of moves available, and that clever little passing and tackling system. The visuals are fairly basic, but the sheer pace and entertainment factor of the game make up for any such shortcomings, and overall, this makes for a fun diversion when you want a good old knockaround.

Ok football sim with a minimal managerial portion

For a 94 game, the graphic on this one don't really look up to date. However, rather than trying to serve a not that great 3D simulation, the game plays in a top down 2D, directly from above, with no angles and other things like that. The perspective is very good for the game, because you're always very aware of what's going on in the field, and have access to more of your footballers' positions. Because of the height of the virtual camera, the game has no need for a mini map, which is a good thing, and it also doesn't use a too complicated control scheme. With 3 buttons in total you've got the entire host of interactions settled down. What's also cool is that the game seems to want to duplicate a Sensible Soccer game, leaving out the more cartoonish style of that series, which many will probably think a good thing. However, by the mid 90s there were already games from EA and other dabbling into real 3D football simulations, but in spite of that Football Glory sticks to the 2d guns and delivers a playable/no frills game. Very playable today as well.

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