RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Fantasy First person

A classic RPG world, worth exploring!

In Shadowcaster you will go on a journey that will really give you your time's worth; this RPG, for its time, definitely has a whole lot to offer; the game design of the continent you are going to be exploring is really interesting; you've got mountains, you've got tundra, you've got areas around rivers and more, and a whole lot of the landscape is produced with care, by hand, and even if some times are reused over and over again, the overall design of the levels is still original and inviting to explore. Now, the story is also pretty cool, as it has the tropes of high fantasy you might expect, but also some elements that are a little more original, and that won't immediately feel dated. This build, that goes on to take cues from many different areas of RPG games is what makes the game feel great. Plus, the fighting is beautiful, easy to sink into, and detailed. So, for an RPG this old, Shadowcaster definitley is something special. The beauty of the landscapes, even if not to the level of Direct X graphics reminded me of Gothic, as the same hand crafted build of the art direction emerges in Shadowcaster too.


Shadowcaster is a first-person RPG published by Origin Systems in 1993. This company's motto "We create worlds" fits perfectly due to the producers attention to details. Their recognition led to their logo powered by Electronic Arts. Your character named Kirt thought his whole life he was an ordinary man, but one day he found out he has the power of shapeshifting. The game is based on defeating some devils, and it uses an engine used in other games at that time, such as Wolfenstein 3D. Kirt has the power to transform in fantasy beasts, each with their own abilities, and basically, the controls consist in punching, kicking, flying, jumping, swimming underwater (this is something that gives this game a complex movement control). The scrolling is fast, the playing is smooth, the graphics and the sound effects are fair, but they didn't impress me so much. The physical transformation of Kirt lead to a process of development. While playing it, I felt I couldn't finish it because of the incomplete atmosphere, I always felt something was missing. I guess the more provocative puzzles were absent. The only ones that intimidated me were the werewolves. There is no interactive aspect, just a bit in the cinematics. If you are not afraid of werewolves, try it. But if you are looking for something intensely antagonistic, skip it.

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