Action 1996 Dos Dosbox GT Interactive Robots Science Fiction

Amazingly detailed and very fun

Amok is pretty simple but decent flight shooter game (like Novastorm) set in the future. Two of the greatest corporations that have been at war for years have signed a peace treaty. Since no war means no profit for weapons manufacturers, their plain is to wreak havoc and start a war back. This is where you kick in. You are a simple mercenary and you are equipped with a cool vessel (some mix between an craft and a tank) and a simple order - shoot everything and anything that moves. The rest is history, and pretty standard for this kind of game - go around, shoot and blast stuff, pick up powerups, and defend against attacking forces that are aimed at you. Don't worry, they're not very harmful. The whole point of the game is to blow up as much as you can and start as much trouble as you can. That's pretty much it. The graphics are in cool 3D and with a lot of detail and texture, and the animation is quite superb. The surroundings are beautifully designed, and it looks like every detail has been thought of. The sound effects are also very efficient and blend in with the game very accurately. If you like sci fi mecha shooter games, you'll love this one. Lots of fun.

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