Amulet of Yendor

RPG 1985 Dos Keypunch Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

8 levels of 8x8 squares; a castle exploration!

This is a fantasy, top down role playing game, in which your main goal is that of hoarding treasure, finding it and then appropriating it for yourself. The game is set in the Lords of the Rings universe, so these treasures are the silmarils as well as the palintirs of the Middle Earth, which, as you'd imagine, are at times guarded by creatures from the same universe. All in all, you can play this RPG as a warrior but you can also play it as a magic wielder or from some other point of view. Graphically this game doesn't offer a lot, but it's still fun, with its text based roaming and its room architecture. It can be quite large, and, since you never know what is awaiting in the next room, it can be quite hard to anticipate what you will find next. Nevertheless, it's all great, as each battle requires a slightly different approach. So, give it a try, it won't disappoint. And, alternatively, download Leygref's Castle, similarly based on a grid structure, but this one has a lot more rooms, maybe a bit too many, for its own good! Still, both are good representatives of this small and room based RPG type.

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