RPG 1985 Dos Dosbox Avalon Hill Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Classical dungeon action

It is among those early games that introduced the Dungeon crawl idea big time and is a classical RPG game with tons of fantasy elements in the gameplay. The game has been designed as a very simple one but despite it simple looks it is very tough to beat because you will die many times at every level. So you need to be very responsive with the controls. A good variety of weapons have though been incorporated for your taking but these weapons are hard to latch on as the A1 in the game is very competitive. The single character class in the game which you can play is a combination that involves a warrior and a wizard. So you can also use spells and other magical elements in the gameplay. You can also use the option of teleport and scroll around in the dungeon. In terms of the level designs, this RPG is truly diverse and creative because no repetition has been made. The unique aspects about every level in the game make it very interesting to play. Though the theme involves dark colors but still the graphics are very good and clear. The controls are also responsive and the adventure in the game is even better than Oubliette.

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