Omikron: The Nomad Soul

Action 1999 Windows Eidos Futuristic 3D action adventure Role playing Rpg Sci fi

Body Snatchers investigate

Omikron The Nomad Soul is an Elder Scrolls like 1999 3D adventure game published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows and Dreamcast and while developments did begin for Playstation 1 and 2, they were never finished. Its primarily an adventure game, but it also incorporates one on one fighting, first person shooter and puzzle elements too. You are in the futuristic city of Omikron on a planet called Phaeon and you have to investigate serial killings that are happening through the main character, who is possessed by a police officer from a parallel universe and apparently, that is a thing that e person can do in this game, but not you ,you are just the possessed one . So, most of the game will be spent on you walking around town and talking to citizens, but at some point you will have to engage into a one on one combat or even a shooting spree. Fortunately, that doesnt happen very often because even though the 3D graphics of the game are quite good and visually very attractive, the combat sequence of the game is not made very well, since it feels totally out of place and it's long and clumsy performed. One second you are deep into investigating and solving puzzle, the next you are with you gun drawn and shooting around. The transformation feels too sudden and to weird to be enjoying. It can be interesting to know that Davie Bowie himself participated in the making of the music of the game and he even borrowed his voice for some characters of the game. But even that couldnt save the bad the music generally is and I have to admit that, to me, it seemed a lot like David was going for some desperate advertising with this game. All in all, this game gives the feeling like there are three game genres violently shoved into one game, and the mix just didnt turn out right. You can try the game out but be prepared for the sudden changes in gameplay, the bad music and way too much conversation.

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