Strategy 1999 Windows 3DO Company Fantasy

Card game, magic based, fun throughout

Arcomage tasks you with building a mage's tower, as your ultimate goal, but before you reach that goal, you will have lots of fun with the meat of the game, which is a regular car based brawl, not unlike that of Magic: The Gathering. The game asks you to turn the odds in your favor by utilizing the decks of cards you get as smartly as you can. There are just a few very powerful cards and regular cards, brutes, spells, cards that offer you global perks, or that target only certain other rival cards in a specific way. Thus, you will have to play as strategically as you. You can also choose to play against the PC or against real players, as the game allows you one on one multiplayer fights as well. Graphically, Arcomage is more on the budget side, but an alright looking game, with a diverse enough roaster of cards, especially if you don't plan to play lots and lots of reprises. So, if you love card game digital sims, well, this can be one of them, just don't expect it to be the one you play for now and ever, it doesn't have all that much staying power.

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