Action 2002 Windows Tim Riker Shooter

A well done 3D tank battle sim

BZFlag is a cool 3D, third person tank racer and fighter game, quite a fast and diverse, pretty well rendered, and with a punk attitude, mainly, and with well produced enemies. Basically, every level consists of a track in which you race against the other tanks, and you have to guide missiles, and to shoot your classic gun turrets; it's alright all in all, but nothing too special. The setting is very steam punk like, and the game is also very arcade in feel. But it controls easily, it has quite a few levels to rush through and gun everything in there. There are also lots of power ups to upgrade your fire power. Also, the tank game also has a ricocheting and a laser gun. Also, the bullets bounce around on the walls, and for brief moments you can make the tank invisible. There is also a multiplayer mode, with capture the flag and with a free for all mode. The game is also home to a good, well produced editor, and you can use that to build your own levels, and get your own designs to race and shoot through. Quite diverse if you think about it. Also, download Shadow Company: Left for Dead for a more war oriented, tactical heavy game, with some tank action as well, though more of an action game, overall.

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