Gorilla 2: The Return

Action 2002 Windows Shooter

Fanmade remake of the oldie Microsoft Gorilla game!

Gorilla 2: The Return is a fan remake of the less known Microsoft freeware game Gorilla, a sort of puzzler/strategy game that had you battle with your gorilla, perched atop high sky scraping structures, trying to take down another gorilla by throwing explosive... bananas at it! It's a small, kind of weird, kind of fun game, that has you trying to correctly predict how your banana will move about. It's a pretty cool game, pretty interesting, as it requires you to do a lot of calculations; see how the banana will behave through the air, how it will change its vertical position. Basically, it's Scorched Earth with bananas and with gorillas perched on skyscrapers! Which can be fun for a while, but not for too long! Plus, it's got better graphics than the original game, so, that too might be better for you, as you can better predict your banana shots, which does for a great fun session. Also, if you play against other non Ai players, you can chat with them instantly, and shame them when their bananas don't land where they should.

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