Misadventures of Tron Bonne, The

Action 2000 Windows Eidos Oriental 3D action adventure

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A very good combination of action and adventure

It is a very good 3D action game where you will also find classic adventure elements and some very good puzzle solving. The plot in the game is that you will play as a pirate lady who is on mission to rescue his brother by collecting cash so that he can pay out his brother's debt. Now the missions that she will perform for collecting the cash involves looting and doing action and avoiding the police. The missions involving action happen in real time and involves use of reflexes. The animations in such missions are perfectly executed and are supported by some very good graphics. Similarly some of the missions involves pure adventure where you will move from place to place in searching for various items and interacting with different characters. Some of the missions will also involve puzzle solving which are both interesting and toughs. In action missions, you have a variety of ammo that includes the use of bacon bombs and also gives you a variety of power ups. Similarly there are a lot of gaming options which includes options for customization. The level designs are very good and the background themes are well tuned with the gameplay. The game is very much on the same note as the action and adventure game known as Tomb Raider.

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