Arcade 1982 Dos Microsoft ASCII based

Bill Gates` game! A racer where you avoid donkeys!

Donkey is a racer game, co produced by Bill Gates and released back in 81. In it you control a car that can occupy only 2 slots on a highway, left or right. Donkeys can occupy either the left or the right lane, and your job is to try and steer away from them. But it takes a while to do it and do it without incident, since you only see a very small portion of the road ahead of you, so, later on, on the higher speeds of the game, you'll actually get smaller and smaller time frames to avoid collision. Graphically, the EGA palette is used, and it is used quite properly, which allows you to have an nice experience when you ride it! But it's definitely a minigame that is not for long play sessions; it's an oddity, a cool and fun one, so it's worth looking at it. Similarly odd and more obscure (Donkey still remains known as that Bill Gates game, and people will know if it!) is Chess 8088, an old chess game released shortly after the release of the Intel 8988 microprocessors were beginning to give now life to the Personal Computer, as we know it today. So, have a go at Microsoft in gaming in the olden days, and then have a go at Intel in gaming in the old days! A match to remember!

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