Assassin 2015

Action 1996 Windows Inscape Shooter Robots

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Nice and short

Assassin 2015 is a fun and unfortunately too short action first person game that will require almost no brain activity, only quick reflexes and enough ammo. You are an assassin that works from the government, and you are stuck in a building full of soldiers and drones on a mission gone bad. Your only way to get out alive is to kill everyone on sight and try to escape the building. As I said, the game is a no brainer - you just go around and kill stuff. There is really not much else to do. You are in constant communication with your informant from the outside, who helps you as much as she can. The gamplay is pretty simple and linear - there is no chance for exploration, since you will be spending most of the time saving your skin from the murderous enemies. The cool and detailed high quality 3D graphics are a welcome feature for the game and the audio is very good and adrenaline inducing. If you like simple and straight forward shooter games like the Unreal series, this game will provide much pleasure and fun. It's just a shame that is is all over much too quickly.

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