Action 2000 Windows Shooter

Puzzle-tastic fun

If this little game looks a tad similar to classic puzzler Atomix, then there's a reason for that: it's basically a fanmade remake that apes the original in pretty much every way. For those unacquainted with Atomix, it's a rather clever game which mixes chemistry with fun to engaging effect. The gameplay is straightforward enough in execution but difficult to master, like all the best puzzlers from Tetris to E-motion. Here, your task is to move atoms around the screen in order to create a specified molecule, for example by bringing two hydrogen and one water atom together to create a water molecule. However, to keep things tricky, each atom keeps moving once you start pushing it and will only stop when it hits something solid such as a wall or obstacle. You thus need to think very carefully about each and every move lest it all end in disaster and this is where the game becomes truly addictive. As a concept, the game is almost perfect and it is executed with just as much elegance and cunning as one could hope for from such a game. Things start out deceptively easy but levels soon become incredibly challenging but without losing any of the appeal. The graphics are simple enough but that is not really important with this sort of thing, while everything that really matters, from the controls to the level design, is all superbly laid out and works just as you would hope for. The only real problem with Atomic is that if you have played Atomix, there's nothing for you here as the only rel difference is the slightly updated visuals. If you haven't played it before though, there is much to enjoy here.

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