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Exploration bound RPG, lots of fun

While shareware sidescrollers have remained with us far more than the RPG scene, there is no reason not do give them their due, because, there were a few titles out there that were worth their weight in gold. As such, when all was said and done, the games such as TaskMaker here and the later release Tomb of the TaskMaker will forever be known as the best out there. Sure, the Ultima series would eventually come and hit the spotlight, but nonetheless, when it came to freely accessible demo versions, for a while TaskMaker was in the hotspot. At any rate, it's a top down RPG, heavy in exploration, with lots of dungeon crawling but also with superterran portions. It is a game that stands well graphically, but you really have to be looking for a minimalist esthetic; nope, not a lot going on here, just blueprint like maps, but at times that can do much for one's immersion than anything else more crowded and more full of elements. But, sometimes a good old RPG, simple yet elegant is all it takes to offer you the fun you were looking for.

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