Bunny Bricks

Action 1992 Dos Silmarils Cartoon Puzzle based

Fun variation on the ball 'n' bat theme

The ball 'n' bat genre has kicked out a number of fun little variations on the theme over the years, with the likes of Arkanoid, Aquanoid and Krypton Egg each adding a little something of their own to the basic formula of smacking a ball against a wall. Bunny Bricks is one of the lesser known entries to the genre and it's certainly a fun addition to the line-up and makes for an entertaining way to while away the hours. There is some kind of a story to Bunny Bricks to pep things up and in reasonably charming fashion, the game tells how Bunny's girlfriend has been kidnapped by an ape (sound familiar?) and getting her back requires Bunny to make use of his prodigious baseball skills. This of course translates into a series of traditional single-screen levels that are populated by a number of bricks which must be smashed by smacking a ball at them with your baseball bat. There is a slight twist on usual expectations here and players are required to press the fire button as the ball approaches their bat in order to hit it and return it to the playing field. The levels are also rather more maze-like than usual in their construction which adds in some challenge as you try to bounce the balls of the complex set of walls that fill them up alongside the copious amounts of bricks. Visually, Bunny Bricks is highly appealing, with the usual bright, vibrant colours, imaginative level design and the attractively chunky sprite that is Bunny himself. The levels do sometimes get a little over-crowded with various details but this is a minor niggle and overall this is an entertaining slice of ball 'n' bat action.

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