Rolling Ronny

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Cartoon Platformer

Help Ronny with his rollerskates

Ronny truly is a fun guy. With his skates and roller blades, he goes around town and always wreaks all kinds of havoc . To help him find his way around town, you must guide him yourself and make him avoid other jealous skaters as well as other obstacles that are in fact disasters just waiting to happen. This platformer game is both very bright, very colorful and very atmospheric (much like the old nineties classic Rayman, although with a quite different gameplay). Since Ronny is such a cool guy, the game also has this sort of quirky, fun way about itself. The gameplay itself is not very hard - all you have to do is make sure Ronny doesn't bump into somebody or something else and that he picks up his powerups that will give him all sorts of cool abilities - from flying in the air to increasing his speed. The graphics of the game are very bright, with very light colors dominating the scene, emphasizing the games optimistic atmosphere. Sure, it's a bit blocky but hey, what can you do? We're talking about the earliest nineties here. All in all, this is a cute little game that will win you over with its charm and be very fun while it lasts.

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