Battle Chess

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The animated Chess game that captured our imaginations

Deep down inside Battle Chess (MPC version) is a professional Chess simulator, but that doesn't stop it from taking an interesting approach in making the game more interesting: Battle Chess (MPC version) offers you animated sets of chess pieces, that will taunt, will hunt and will do battle with one another when the time comes! Should you care for such graphical artifice, in a game of chess? Well, that's up to every individual player. But, frankly, if you are playing on the PC, there is no reason not to take advantage of the graphic options that the medium makes available. Battle Chess (MPC version) is different than, say, Archon, a game that had a unique blend of real time tactics and its own rules for the TBS portion. Nope, the battle between the pieces is just decorative, but is still doesn't fail to impress. Sure, the graphics engine is not modern, but it still packs in a good amount of punch, and the fantasy tables look absolutely astonishing. So, install it and give it a go: who knows, it might become your chess to go PC game!

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