Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity

Adventure 1995 Windows Viacom New Media Humorous Cartoon

Virtually boring and a bit too unpolished

The MTV nutcases were featured in just a few games, and Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity is their ride at adventure glory. You will encounter the characters made popular by the show, you are going to have to solve the whimsical and absolutely moronic kind of stupid puzzles that the two characters find themselves into, due to their nature. So, what are these two unpopular high school students trying to do now? Well, chase after girls way out of their league, rock out on the metal of the 90s and find themselves in a lot of trouble, the kind only they are capable of. The problem is that the game is not really well polished enough to be playable and not make ones head spin. You are never really too sure of how to commit to certain puzzles, you are never really that well aware of whom to speak with and whether you have encountered a game stopping bug, or you have just failed to see some small object in the game world. It is thus quite hard to sink into the experience full heartedly, and you are often going to think about using a walkthrough, but good luck with that, I haven't managed to source a half decent one either! So, what can I say, if you want an interactive encounter with the two watt packers sure, give it a go, though seeing them in their natural environment, the animated series is much ore rewarding, unfortunately.

Who said I was Stupid?

Remember their "shinanagins" on their oh-so-hilarious TV show? I know I do! You can fall into the roll of one of our times most favorite characters by playing this game. Sit down, pick up the controller, and get ready to laugh as you move along through the game as a perverted and crazy young teen. The story begins with Beavis and Butt-head working for the ever-so-awesome BurgerWorld where they meet Todd. The boys think Todd is amazingly cool and decide that they want to join Todd's gang. In order to join the gang they have to jump through hoops and even disect a frog in science class. Oh yeah. You will be able to rock out with the amazingly amazing duo listening to the videos that were included in the game. The video list is; Primus, GWAR, and Sausage. Head bang along as you interact with the boys.The story continues as you are able to explore their home town of Highland, Texas, which by the way in fictional. Some of the areas that you will be able to explore are; their home, BurgerWorld, the park, and Maxi-Mart.

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