Betrayal at Krondor

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox Sierra Fantasy First person Turn based Role playing

Fine fantasy RPG

The Riftwar series of fantasy novels by Raymond E. Feist provides the inspiration for Betrayal at Krondor, an unusual and compelling RPG that makes for an entertaining experience and which was later turned into a novel by Feist himself, with its events becoming part of Riftwar canon. The game itself is first-person adventure that sees players travelling through the land of Midkemia, engaging in quests, combat and interactions with NPCs as they go. The game is structured like a book, with the main plot split into chapters which are narrated in the third person, and while the story isn't exactly original, relying as it does on some fairly typical fantasy cliches, it remains engaging throughout. The various quests and plot twists maintain player interest, while the colourful supporting cast of heroes and villains of various shades really help to bring the world to life. There are the usual RPG customisation options, with plenty of choices regarding classes, skills and magic, while combat plays out in turn-based fashion and which requires a fair amount of tactical consideration. Betrayal of Krondor might not be that well known, but it remains an excellent slice of RPG adventuring. The narrative skill on display here is certainly high, while the complex puzzles and environment are suitably different from other such games to make it stand out. Combat is satisfying and while the interface and some of the quests take some getting used to, it is certainly worth making the effort. The gameplay might be a little slow for some, with an over-abundance of text at the expense of action and which might put some off, but generally speaking this is a fine RPG for followers of Dungeons and Dragons and Baldur's Gate.

Well deserved classic first person RPG

This RPG is a classic and is fondly remembered, though today it might not be your number one game of the past to run to. But it remain a classic because at the time it managed to tell a more compelling story, it wanted to impress, and it sported very nice graphics for its time. The world itself is fully 3D, no more cardboard like statics through which you move at one square increments. You can view a building from any angle and you have a more immersed feeling, as if you're truly there. Sure, it's not Skyrim, but it is as good as it got back in the bay, at the begging of the 90s. But the draw is clearly the story which got a lot of attention, and a lot of detail was put into it. This is based on a rather stock backbone but manages to fill in the gaps with details, to create interesting characters that at times might even abandon their generic character traits and show some actual personality. This was sure a great achievement, and the game sure deserves a full go, if not for anything else, then for the story, which truly gets to an interesting crossroads within this game.

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