Adult 1995 Dos Dosbox reLINE Software Puzzle based Simulation Strategy Comedy

Tedious and frustrating adventure

The weirdest part about this game is the fact that in terms of genre, you're never quite sure what to make of it. This is not a graphic novel, neither is it an adventure game, neither a management game. What it is however, is a badly designed set of interactions that imitate the gameplay style of all the above mentioned style. Adding insult to injury, the game requires massive amounts of time to learn what to do, from basic controls to later, more complex interactions. But you rarely get a sense of purpose of what it is that you should accomplish. So, if you manage to resist the first 20/30 minutes of the game, you will finally get in a bit of a groove of what the game is about. You will have to manage a hospital where the patients all suffer from silly illnesses and where every piece of dialogue or text has some really bad joke included. Bottom line is this adult themed game, which included sexy pictures and sleazy dialogue will just frustrate you and won't provide you enough of anything to keep you interested. This is no Theme Hospital, neither is it a straightforward, good interactive fiction product, so in all honesty, it won't click with too many people. But the few lovers of obscure titles, who can look past badly designed game mechanics might find it intriguing enough to give it a go.

Silly funny game

Well, this sure is an unusual game. I got it with a Gold Games package and I really love it. It's just stupid and bizarre, but it's so much fun. Run your own hospital. Search for the nurses with the biggest breasts and the doctors with the best handicap. Then let the people come. Besides silly illnesses and obscure cures, you find little jokes everywhere. Go and play it, I just started another round. Also see Biing! 2 and WET - The Sexy Empire

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