Sex XoniX

Adult 1994 Dos Daisy Field Software Development Group Puzzle based

It's Qix with scantily clad ladies

The original Qix is a classic arcade puzzle/action game which has seen numerous imitators over the years such as Frenzy, Styx and even spawned a spiritual successor in the form of Volfied. Sex Xonix is another game to add to the list, but as the name suggests, this one adds in some adult content to boost the game's appeal. It's questionable how much this extra material is worth, as the basic gameplay is exactly the same, it's just that this time there's a bit more of a reward than just getting your name on the high score table. The goal here, as ever, is to move your cursor around several single screen levels, creating solid blocks to close them off, with the level completed when a certain percentage of the screen is reached. Making your life harder are the roving enemies which spell instant death if you come into contact with them. That's basically it, but the concept remains today as addictive as it ever was. The difference here, is that as you progress through the level, you're rewarded with pictures of scantily clad ladies, which either work as an incentive to complete things, or as a detractor which will make your hand wobble. As a basic Qix clone, this is reasonable stuff, as it is pretty hard to mess up such a simple concept, but the only real reason to play this is of course the inclusion of the young ladies, if that is what floats your boat. It's a pretty lame excuse for a game though, in much the same way as Sextris, so unless the idea of pixelated women is a real turn on, then stick to the original.

Qix style erotic game

Here it is a nice short arcade style game that completely based on Volfied or Qix old classic. The difference here is that you'll get nice picture of beautiful women. As the game was developed at the beginning of 90s you'll be able to watch quite nice images and gorgeous girls, so, the game is a worth to enjoy and spend a little time and have the opportunity to see interesting babes (some of them completely naked...).

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