Blackstar - Agent of Justice

Adventure 1995 Dos Worwyk Mystery First person

A rather lame detective story adventure

In Blackstar - Agent of Justice you play a private eye type, the kind that has seen a little too many winters and has kind of lost his edge. However, while that is the kind of premise that seems to preempt a hard boiled Max Payne sequel, you'll find that in reality, this game's protagonist, the adventures that he has to deal with and the general pacing and offering of the game is pretty lame. Graphically it's a colorful, palatable adventure game, with a lot of details poured, unfortunately, in details that do little to want you to sink into the game. What I mean is that the art direction is better than you'd be expected to believe, but in truth Blackstar - Agent of Justice is quite a bland gameplay experience at its core. The puzzles are usual for this one, but the interface is not too comfortable, it's a bit too clumsy to mush around with. Also, the characters and the situations rarely have any personality; they're cookie cutter from too many points of view, and, for that I can't see anyone that would like this one, even in spite of the 9at times) obviously toiled over graphics.

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