The Dame Was Loaded

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Philips Interactive Mystery First person Puzzle Detective mystery

Mystery/investigation adventure with videos

The Dame Was Loaded could have been a straightforward noir/investigative based adventure game, were it not for its video clips, captured via regular camera and digitized, with lots of frames cut, used to tell portions of the game story. But the game is quite interesting, as it sports a diverse array of puzzles to choose from. Most of them run thematically, around a core type of challenge. Some puzzles ask of you to interrogate witnesses, other mini games ask of you to complete classic board puzzles that have been transferred into the game with more or less of a translation/re-thinking behind them. Also, pixel hunt puzzles and other such adventure staples are included and make up a complex though not too hard make up for this game's challenges. Graphically, the game runs from good to rather bad. While the 2D environments appear to look ok, the digitized videos are rather poorly rendered, which takes the game down a bit too much. But, ultimately, you are going to get a good dose of excitement and a good dose of fun out of this game's every portion, granted that you like ok investigative stories that don't go out of their way to be original.

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