Crime City

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Impressions Games Mystery First person

Crime adventure, good interface

It is a very classical point and click adventure game which has a very good plot and some very good role playing elements. The story is about a character who writes detectives stories but the fact is that he has always dreamed of becoming a real detective one day. While writing one day, he becomes clueless and can't make out what to write. In the meanwhile a blond comes to meet him and tells him that her father has been taken by the police on the accusation of a murder. She wants that you should prove that the police is wrong and her father is innocent. Well you take up the job and set out to make things write. Now you will need to move from place to place for which you will need money and you will also have to acquire a bit of training. The money here can be generated by trading at the stock exchange. So this game here also involves some strategic decisions making along with the typical adventure elements. The game has a very indulging user interface and very good graphics which really make the gameplay attractive. There are surely better games like Crime Time but you need to go for this one as well.

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