Blind Justice

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox R.A.W. Entertainment Third Person

Top down isometric RPG; play as a shapeshifter!

This game released in 95 is an RPG, a top down one, with a lovely isometric view of the world. As its more original concept, you play a human that can change his appearance, and, while that power has made an appearance in some other games, it has never been the principal element at the core of the game. Well, now it is, and you can try it for your own pleasure. The quality of the graphics is VGA standard, with a relatively original though not too diverse roaster of graphical elements. Still, Blind Justice does a good job at looking decent and, frankly, once you get used to it, the lesser graphics won't bother you. I could play Dink Smallwood even today, yet again, without an issue, even in spite of minimal diversity of graphics, just because the game is such a late DOS type of deal, so, no matter what, Blind Justice should be tried in full. Some traces of that feeling of Sanitarium, in the story, are also present, so give it a try if that game enticed you, this one goes towards that super realist world. So, download them both.

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