Escape from Delirium

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Magicom Multimedia Third Person

Nothing to see here, move along..

I always like to say that if something is a copy of another work, it's not important as long as it's still fun. This game is not one of those. It looks like it tries to mimic the Indiana Jones series, since it puts you in a role of another badass archaeologist who was trapped inside museum and was witness to a theft of a very important and very, very powerful relic, and you are on the job to find the relic and capture the thieves. The gameplay and interface look like a copy of a lot of other point and click adventure games, mostly those from the LucasArts industry, and the puzzles are also something we've all seen before a million times. Still, the game's plot and dialogues are something positive and fun, and you can still have a lot of enjoyment from the game. Still, a lot of the time your mind will be going "I've already seen this in this game!". The graphics are decent enough and also reminisce of games like Monkey Island (also from LucasArts). The game screams "Knock-off" almost 90 percent of the time, but hopefully new players who don't have experience with aforementioned games will like the game and find it fun and innovative. But it's far from that.

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