Heaven' s Dawn

Adventure 1995 Dos Dosbox Art 9 Entertainment Third Person

A nice adventure

Heaven's Dawn is an interesting point and click adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a tourist that is greeted by an old beggar who tells of the God's wrath on the mankind and speaks of a strange world full of gods and other wonders. You don't get to look around, and suddenly you are sucked into that world, on a mission to find out what is wrong and find your way back home. The gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. You go around the place, click on items to interact with them. The average player might find the game a tad too easy, but no matter, the interesting story is definitely worth the time, in my opinion. The VGA graphics are very beautiful and appealing and the point and click style of gameplay will bring back that feel of nostalgia. People who like old point and click game that involve a lot of different beautiful worlds (like Comix Zone) will definitely find themselves at home with this game. Recommended!

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