Brutal Paws of Fury

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Gametek Cartoon Beat em up

A menagerie of cartoony animals spoofing Street Fighter!

By the middle of the 90s, the overly exceptional Street Fighter franchise achieved world domination in terms of how many people had wasted a quarter trying the game out, and the following that it had, both in arcades as well as on home consoles and home computing. Thus, spoofs or plain rip-offs were quite common, but most of them did not achieve much, simply because the one man teams or small teams did not really put their heart and money into the task. But, there were some exceptions, and Brutal Paws of Fury is one of them. What this game is, at the surface at least, is a funny animal themed fighter game, but nevertheless, it managed to create a very enjoyable experience, one that was really very outgoing and very well polished. The menagerie of fighter characters is also pretty diverse, and the characters are industriously created to resemble Mortal Kombat characters as well as Street Fighter ones. You'll recognize Scorpion, Sub Zero, and a bunch of others, but where others have failed, in actually creating enjoyable gameplay, Brutal Paws of Fury does a great job at making the game fun to play on its own terms. So, even if you've never seen any of the abovementioned games played before, you can still play this one and actually get into it, because the gameplay is well put together and well rounded enough.

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