Brutal Paws of Fury remix

Action 2002 Windows Doctor M Cartoon Beat em up

Unpolished/unfinished fan made bunny brawler

I guess rabbits can be funny, but that takes a certain type of approach, without question. But maybe the bedroom coders that sank time into this beat em up/brawler/fighter game were more interested in some idea of cool, with which they tried to infuse their characters. As such, it may be a clear case of hit or miss with players, in regards t how they take to the game. So, while the initial response to the graphics might be a little on the divisive side, the unfortunate fact is that this game is not as forgiving in terms of controls, the combo system (which is as underdeveloped as they get) and the quality of the animations. All of these critical aspects of a brawler are underdeveloped, showing that, well, the developers just weren't looking to create a commercial type quality game. Thus, the only reason to try this game is if you are in some sort of homemade brawler sampling binge. Otherwise, if you are really looking to uncover some well done gem of a game, you'll find that this one is not it. Rather, see a game such as Ninja Rabbits, which, while not some gem, is nonetheless more polished (and finished!) than this one here.

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