Frogger 3D

Action 1997 Windows Hasbro Interactive Platformer 3D

A fantastic remake

Frogger 3D is not to be confused with the game of the same name Frogger that was released in 2011 for the Nintendo 3DS. This game is a 1997 remake of the old arcade classic with the same name from year 1981. The game is now equipped with fantastic 3D graphics and a few new moves to make the game better than before. What is the game about? Well, in each level you have to explore the map for five frogs, after which you unlock new zones and levels. Unlike the original game, the maps are now a lot bigger and harder. You have a time limit to find these frogs, and to make matters worse, there are also a lot of obstacles you have to avoid. The game is very fast, very dynamic and very exciting. You are always rushed and excited and worried about your time, because if you don't make it on time, you lose a life! There are 33 levels in total, each harder than the last, and all decorated with fantastic graphics and cool design, made more beautiful by 3D rendering. If there ever was a good remake of a classic game, this is it. It really made the game more alive and allowed it to have a big comeback to the gaming scene. Great work!

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