Buck Rogers

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox SSI Turn based

A space adventure using ADD rules

Buck Rogers is one of the few RPGs that uses the rulebook of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons to motorize a game that is very far from a fantasy realm, in fact, quite the opposite, it is a space, futuristic adventure game. But, I mean, what does it matter that instead of a troll cave you are wondering in the corridors of a spaceship? It is all the same in the end, and the rule set that governs the battles in a high fantasy are proven to be just as successful in a game in a totally different setting. Also, while the graphics are 2D and nicely drawn, and the top down view is the main manner in which you can interact and see your surroundings, that is not a problem for the game, as it isn't for a high fantasy RPG either. The battles are waged in turns, as the D&D rules require and while your main character is Buck Rogers, you are in charge of an entire group of explorers, which is again D&D in style. What you might not expect, given the futuristic setting is for the story to have humor in it, but, if you've ever heard of the Buck Rogers comics, you'll know what to expect. So, ultimately, Buck Rogers is an RPG that is playable, none too original expect for the translation of the D&D rule set into the futuristic, space bound scenery. Whether you play this or, say, Avadon: The Black Fortress you'll be in for a similar type of experience, though in two very different settings. Choose according to taste!

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