A Bug's Life

Action 1998 Windows Activision Cartoon 3D action adventure

It's a wonderful life

Based on the Disney movie of the same name, this is a fairly charming, if slightly unspectacular, 3D platformer that brings back memories of Toy Story but which isn't quite in the same league as the almighty Super Mario 64. However, given that it's aimed at a much younger audience, it proves to be a fun romp through a cartoon world that is perfect for keeping younger animation fans quiet. This one finds players in control of Flik, the hero from the movie, and it's their job to guide him through a series of woodland-style environments in order to find a group of warrior insects in order to protect his colony from invading grasshoppers. What follows is a fairly basic 3D platform adventure, where you explore the various levels, bashing the bad guys and seeking out fellow ants to rescue. What makes the game slightly more interesting is the way you use several aspects of your surrounding environment in order to help you defeat your enemies. A Bug's Life is certainly no classic of the genre, suffering as it does from numerous issues, but if you're after a bit of undemanding fun, you could do worse. The basic gameplay is simple but fun, with some nice environments to explore and with some enjoyable combat. However, problems include a dodgy camera which requires some fighting with to control it, as well as quite a few technical worries, like pop-up and other glitches. It's also not the longest game in the world, but it can be extended by going after all the collectibles so this isn't the biggest concern. Overall, not a must play but younger gamers might get some fun here.

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