Bundesliga Manager Professional

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Take German soccer teams to the next level

Bundesliga Manager Professional is a well executed game, one that offers you the following managerial options; it has 36 (and a few hidden ones!) injuries per player! Yes, maybe it's not the feature that I needed to start with but I was absolutely amazed at the level of realism that is poured in the health and condition/form (and the effect it has on their performance) of the players. Also, what it does very well is the newspaper reports after the day of the game, which are just a little funny, maybe so because it's unintentional – it's so serious this reporting, in the phrases that it puts in front of your eyes, it almost does a great job of stereotyping the German lack of humor. Then, the players all have 5 basic skills, plus you can play as many seasons as you want, starting in 1990. There are the German League cups, the DFB-Pokal, and a few others. So, at any rate, with good 3D and 2D (menu) graphics, it's definitely a well produced game, if a little too stiff in certain areas. But it works. If you want better gameplay with more cool additions, download Premier Manger which, while alright graphically, is definitely not up on par with Bundesliga, but it's more diverse gameplay wise.

Will your team make it to the top?

Bundesliga Manager Professional is definitely one of the most detailed and complex football management game that is centered around the German Bundes League. As in all of games of this kind, you are put into the role of a manager of the league. As such you have every responsibility a real manager has - buying and selling players, training them, organizing qualification matches and finally organizing the entire national tournament. The game's greatest emphasis is on the managerial and training part of the game, and if you choose to enable it, you can even see very fluid and vivid videos that depict the players playing and scoring goals, after which you will be presented with a very detailed screen that shows all the statistical data and the outcome of your work. You can arrange and organize matches for several season in advance - you're covered! The final objective is to get your team that is in the C division (meaning the lowest) to the very top. Do this and you win the game! The game's graphics are one of the most advanced for that time and the animations are very solid and credible. Lovers of football business sim games such as Football Manager, as well as general football games lovers will be delighted to play this game to discover all the small details that are behind every successful football match.

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