It's a Funny Old Game

Sport 1996 Windows 21st Century Entertainment Soccer Humorous

A fine but unrealistic strategic simulation

It a soccer simulation game which is distinct from other game in terms of the tactical scope and the variety of gameplay elements. The first thing in the game is that it is not much diverse in terms of the selection of players and leagues but it has some elements which will bind your interest. The first interesting thing in the game is its cartoonish style player graphics and the colorful and interesting playfield backgrounds. The options that you have in the game is that you can draft your own player, set their schedules, and make them through training sessions and practice matches. The strategic aspects in the game are not realistic because the best option you have is to train your player rather than going for options such as player trading. Player trading is not feasible as compared to training because it is an expensive pursuit and you need to stick with your budget. The presentation of action in the game is good and is supported by some good animation and controls which allow you to grip the action. The UI is what one would love as it is very interactive all the way through. The game is overall average and if you are among those who love the best, then you should be going for Ultimate Soccer Manager 2.

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